Solutions to Violent Conflict


Sumanto Al Qurtuby
Interfaith Women’s Peacemaking in Indonesia

Scott Appleby
Obama in Cairo: Policy Implications
Religious Peacebuilding in Mindanao
Advancing Integral Human Development: An Imperative for Peacebuilders

Dee Aker
Women Are Essential to Peacebuilding

Andrew Bacevich
Will the U.S. Remain Global Top Dog?
Vietnam: Wrong Lessons Learned

Kennette Benedict
Achieving a Future Free of Nuclear Weapons

Catherine Bolten
Voters in Sierra Leone Support Restricted Freedom of Movement during Election

Ryne Clos
Al-Shabaab: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Stephen Colecchi
Putting a Face on Nuclear Disarmament: The Church and People of Japan

David Cortright
Security in a World without Nuclear Weapons
Is Afghanistan a ‘Good War’?
Sorting Out Dilemmas in a New Era of Civil-Military Relations
Reversing a Deadly Dynamic in Afghanistan
Glimpses of the Revolution in Egypt
Military Interventionism in Libya: A Pandora’s Box of Questions
Cold Warriors Against the Bomb

Afghan Women at the Table

New Wars, Old Strategies
Suspending Sanctions: A Strategy for Reaching a Nuclear Agreement with Iran
Civil-Military Interaction in Peacebuilding
The Vietnam War: Lessons Unlearned
Success through Sanctions
Debating Drones: A Response to Michael Hayden Linking Development and Peace: The Empirical Evidence
Whither the War in Syria

Cora Currier
The Myth of a Perfect Weapon and a Perfect War

Maryann Cusimano Love
From Civilian Immunity to Just Peace

Kelsey Davenport
The High Cost of New START

Michael Desch
A Necessary War Taken to Unnecessary Extremes
The Iran Deal: Not Perfect, but the Best Possible

Fransisco Diez
Colombia, from a Mediator’s Perspective

Kevin Dugan
Notre Dame Stands with Sudan

Rachel Fairhurst
Civil Society Engagement in the ‘New Deal’

Larissa Fast
Culture Clash: A Humanitarian Perspective on Civil-Military Interactions

Jennifer Freeman
Women Are Essential to Peacebuilding

Patrick Gaffney, C.S.C.
The Pope’s Appeal to Conscience

Linda Gerber-Stellingwerf
Stalemate: A Short History of Sanctions against Iran

Melanie Greenberg
Goal 16: A New Paradigm for Peace and Development

Perin Gurel
The War on Terror and Muslim Registry: Between Continuity and Change

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Catholic Universities and the Nuclear Threat

Bob Johansen
Protecting Civilians While Discrediting Terrorism

Asher Kaufman
The March of Folly
The Continuing Cycle of Violence in Gaza

John Katunga
What Next for Catholic Peacebuilding in South Sudan?

Ellen Laipson
Preventing War with Iran: Have Prospects Improved?

Myla Leguro
Engaging the Military in Building Peace in Mindanao

John Paul Lederach
From Isolation to Engagement: Strategies for Countering Violent Extremism
Colombian Peace Process: Bridging Research and Practice

George A. Lopez
Sanctioned into Submission? Options for Change in Iran
More than Military Strikes Harm Citizens
Imperfect Actions in an Imperfect World

Suspending Sanctions: A Strategy for Reaching a Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Roger MacGinty
Adopting Stray Dogs & Mending Broken Windows: Everyday Peace Indicators

Cardinal Roger Mahony
The Ethical Imperative of Disarmament

Jennifer Mason McAward
Reflections on Human Rights in the New Administration

Patrick McCormick
Notre Dame Stands with Sudan

Jennifer McCoy
Approaching the End of a Fifty-Year Conflict

Seyed Hossein Mousavian
Prospects for Diplomacy to Resolve the Iranian Nuclear Dilemma

Mary Ellen O’Connell
Combat Drones: Losing the Fight Against Terrorism
The Libyan Intervention: A Victory for War?
“Advances” in High-Tech Killing
If You Think War with Iran Is the Answer, Think Again

A. Rashied Omar
Ethical Perspectives on Drone Warfare

Atalia Omer
Israel and the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy
Is the Two-State Solution Dead?
Challenging the Israeli Narrative from Within

Sarah Smiles Persinger
Reconciliation and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
Regional Organizations in Peacebuilding Partnerships

Margaret Pfeil
Moral and Spiritual Values for Nuclear Disarmament

Gerard Powers
The Ethics of Disarmament

Religion & Conflict

Ethical Challenges of Global Zero

Peter Quaranto
The U.S. Role in Building Peace in Sudan

Mariam Safi
Struggling for Representation in the Peace Process

Conor Seyle
Good Governance as a Path to Peace

Emad El-Din Shahin
Political Islam: Does the U.S. Want to Engage Effectively?

The Arab Spring & Western Policy Choices

Khalil Shikaki
Is Pessimism about Resolving the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Justified?

Lisa Schirch
Sorting Out Dilemmas in a New Era of Civil-Military Relations

Civil-Military Interaction in Peacebuilding

Noha Tarek
Women & Revolution: Notes from Tahrir Square

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite
How NOT to Get to Nuclear Zero: Islamophobia and Cold War Rhetoric

Ernesto VerdejaIdentifying and Stopping Genocide

Kristen Wall
Keeping the Peace: Lessons from Data for Peacebuilding
Afghan Women at the Table

Multidimensionality in Governance Reform
Civil Society Engagement in the ‘New Deal’

Peter Wallensteen
Towards Quality Peace

Laura Weis
Keeping the Peace: Lessons from Data for Peacebuilding
Removing the Barriers to Engagement

Marilyn Young
Vietnam Contingencies